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Guys that hate on girls for posting nudes/underwear pictures on tumblr then have a blog filled with pictures of girls naked should just give up on their pathetic existence

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Twin Dao Swords

  • Dated: circa 18th century
  • Culture: Chinese
  • Medium: steel, copper, silk, wood, leather

Source: Copyright © 2014 Historical Arms & Armor

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The all new Rolls Royce Pinnacle Travel, a true masterpiece. ║ Via

"The car’s main attraction, however, is its woodworking. Rolls-Royce claims the Pinnacle Travel Phantom’s cabin, which features 230 individual pieces of marquetry, is the most complex and intricate woodworking project its Bespoke department – which handles its customers’ most individualised requests – has ever undertaken. The hand-crafted pieces on the dashboard, door panels, cabin partition and rear picnic tables depict, again, the speeding train motif, further echoed in smoke-gray embroidery (24,633 stitches) on the door inserts."

This is the most perfect car to have ever been created.

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A flexible rapier made during the 19th century in Toledo, Spain.

I’d wear it as a crown and slit the throat of any man who tried to touch me.

…some of you guys are rather odd.

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Brygarth Nike, before and now


Some more sneaks from “TOTEM”, premiering April 22 on adult swim at 4am.